The 4th Solo Exhibition



퍼블릭갤러리의 초대 개인전으로 진행하게 된 "조화진개인전, 또렷하거나 혹은 흐릿하거나"입니다. 또렷한 형상의 2019 Color Table 에디션과 흐릿한 느낌의 2020년 작품들이 셀렉되어 넓은 정원이 매력적인 장소에서 전시를 진행하게 되었습니다. 도움주신 퍼블릭갤러리에 감사합니다.


  • 날짜: 2020.6.8~2020.9.8

    • 시간: 11 AM ~ 10 PM

    • 장소: 펠리시아 @양평

  • ​퍼블릭갤러리:

The fourth solo exhibition is held by Public Gallery's invitation. This exhibition's subject is "Clear or Vague". The exhibition shows the paintings with clear shapes of 2019 on the 1st floor and 2020 paintings of vague mood on the 2nd floor. I'm very glad to have an awesome exhibition in a great place with an attractive garden that I love. Thanks to the Public Gallery.

  • Date: Jun. 8th, 2020 ~ Sep. 8th, 2020

  • Location: Felicia @Yangpyeong

  • The announce of the Public Gallery: