E-land Atro Group Exhibition



첫직장 근무지여서 희노애락이 담겨있는 가산에서 전시를 한번 하고 싶다 생각한 적이 있었는데 감사하게 이번 이랜드갤러리 아트로 기획전에 참여하게 되었습니다.

겨울이라 화사한 봄기운의 새싹비빔밥 느낌을 담아 :)


I've worked for a company in Gasan after graduating the university, the place for this exhibition; I hoped my exhibition in Gasan someday because Gasan is the special place for me. I felt the four basic emotions here.


This group exhibition is a selected 9 artists' story by E-land Atro Gallery about daily life and art. I selected my color tables of spring mood like sprout Bibimbap.